Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking For ArrowHeads

A friend of mine brought to class yesterday some arrowheads he found at his gram pa's farm in Southern Minnesota.

Soon as I started examining them I wanted to become an archaeologist.

All I could do is hold them,and gaze into them wondering who made them.What was he like?How long ago was this arrowhead made?

My teacher also pointed out that is was easy to see that the arrowheads were all made at different times.Even perhaps up to two hundred + years apart.

He pointed out the quality of each arrowhead,and the stone itself what they were made of,and said the more crude an arrowhead was,was a possibility of it being older.

There were some made of quartz,some of other types of soft stone,and a couple flint ones.

An archaeologist is also a detective.

I hope to be able to takes some courses in archeology when I go to college.

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  1. Kia ora Elizabeth,
    You ask questions that bring life to those arrow heads and that is what any archeologist would do. I also agree and support your questions on why we abuse our water so much. It is the one commodity of Nature that we cannot afford to mess up. Best of wishes to you with your studies and your place here. Kia kaha (Remain Strong)